This is from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot by Uusi. Yes. You should get it.

The Magician card in the tarot is about sass and competence. It’s important to remember something about magicians. They practice a lot. Each trick that looks effortless took hours and hours to perfect. There is no magic without a hell of a lot of hustle. 

When the Magician shows up in a reading, it’s your client’s time to shine. Their hard work is going to pay off and they’re going to be able to make all this look easy. 

Clues in the card to help you remember are that all of the magical tools are on the table but he’s not using them. Sword, Wand, Pentacle and Cup are all within arm’s reach, but he doesn’t need them. He’s got one arm pointing to the sky and one to the earth – he’s the master of all. He’s also got an infinity symbol somewhere on his person (usually above his head) showing that he’s got infinite possibilities. 

Here are a few of my favorite Magician cards. Enjoy!

xo Lis

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