Hey, nerds.

I was over-brushing my teeth yesterday when I realized that I was surrounded by magical spells. I know that sounds silly, but we’re going to break it down for you. This is #kitchentablemagic, baby.

Well, it’s slightly dirty bathroom magic, but who doesn’t like things slightly dirty?


Bathroom Magic (look closely at the pic of me!)

  1. Verbal reinforcement of love by both partners. Joe and I are really this much in love, and we are fuckin obnoxious about it. Just relax about it because I’ll never stop talking about it.
  2. The Fool print from the Shadowscapes tarot deck by Stephanie Pui Mun Law. I glance at it every day and remind myself that I am on the right side of the dirt, and the world is conspiring to pull ninja like blessings on me, as usual. Even with one glance, I am inspired.
  3. Two snails in tandem. I once moved our snail toothbrush holders apart like they were racing and the very next time I saw them, Joe had put them back together. Symbols are important.
  4. She couldn’t be arsed to wait for a marker and used a post-it. I move when I feel love. I do a thing with it. Writing a love Post-it to further a thought full of love is a SPELL. Words – spell – magic.
  5. Dragonfly hanging thinger from my buddy Mark. Makes me happy.
  6. Labradorite necklace from Lori Lytle. The day she posted it I emailed her SO FAST and said DIBS. She told me yesterday that it’s the only one she’s ever seen like that. I also heard last weekend that I was the only person Kevin had ever met like me.

Also, labradorite enhances the You-ness of you. I’m finna build a fort out of it. Here is the link to Lori’s website https://innergoddesstarot.com

  1. Wee pentacle by Aidan Wachter. Aidan is a magician, author and former silversmith. (He’s also one of my magic teachers. Here’s some of my favorite magic books.) I was lucky enough to get two of his pieces. My wedding band and this pentacle. I dreamed about this pentacle and it inspired my book, Tarot Elements. Tarot Elements Autographed Book
  1. Tattoos. To make my insides match my outsides. Tattoos are a big deal. They are a part of some religions ffs. I chose each of these as protection, reminder, joy-enhancer…..one of my tattoos has a typo that I’m keeping to remind me to pay attention.

No ragrets.

  1. Black cat. Obvs. Thank you, Luna, for your stalker-like attentions. They have been noted, and you are an OVER-familiar to this witch.
  2. Wonder Woman balloon. Have your heroes in sight. Make little altars everywhere. This one has a yellow dude from my sweetheart, and Lynda Goddamned Carter.
  3. Reusable face wipes to use with witch hazel to clean the day off of my face WITH INTENT. Every swipe pulls off something that I don’t need and leaves me clean and shiny
  4. Iconic Bonus Bewbs.

SO – now that you know that everything is magic, and that you are part of everything, go buy my stuff.

I have a new bundle that I think you’re going to dig.

It’s called I Read You, You Read Me.

Signed Book Plus Reading Bundle

If you purchase KTM or KTT, you can get a signed (not vandalized) copy of the book, and then a tarot reading or magic lesson.

I hope you’re all being so very tender with yourselves.

Finding magic in small ways will help the gray push back a little bit every day. I promise.

xoxo Lis

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  1. You got my attention! I guess there are many ways that magic appears around the house; although not always fully mindful when placing objects or even why I was doing so. Love these posts, and what seems to be your new look? Thanks for sharing. Glad you are feeling better.

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