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Sproing! Clean out your brain.

Hi, nerds, I have said in the past (in Kitchen Table Magic (CHA CHING) that words are important, they plant seeds, and then they grow. That’s why we call them Spells. When folks (like you) have been through emotional trauma (like we all have) it’s really important that we become attentive to our inside voices. …


Sproing! Clean your goddamn room

Hey, nerds, Listen, I don’t want to do spring cleaning, either. No moms do. It’s a fucking urge. It’s primal. You look around at all of the piles that have turned into furniture and the dust and cat hair have to do something, but doing something is harder than living with the tumbleweeds of cat …



Hey, nerds, Anyone else have daffodils and crocuseseses jumping up for attention in their yard or neighborhood? I do. Even the bright blades of green are enough to get me smiling. And my groundhog count is up to two. No turtles yet, but I am known to stop traffic to help a little shella fella …

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