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Hi I'm Melissa

I’m a reader.

And it’s the most amazing job in the Universe.

I’ve been reading tarot cards for 30+ years and I can tell you that they’re not magical, mystical or otherwise. The cards are cards, and you’re the one who makes them meaningful.

Tarot is a journey that we take together. Just the two of us. You lead the way, and I’ll point out the troublesome spots or the things you might miss if you’re looking in the wrong direction. (Forward – always look forward.)

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  • “…I discovered that Melissa is no tarot lightweight. She has one of the deepest, most thoughtful blogs – and better yet – she does killer readings!”

    Theresa Reed The Tarot Lady
  • “Melissa is an awesome tarot reader… we exchanged readings by phone and it blew my mind.”

    Beth Maiden Little Red Tarot

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