I had a reading a few months ago in which the client had screwed something small up at work, and that small screw up was mixed in with piles of screw ups from their vendor, and as corporations often go, they were getting blamed for the whole thing.
They were given the opportunity from their boss to write out the whole thing and essentially ready their defense for a meeting. Instead of rising to this occasion to finally speak out and shame the Devil, they freaked the fuck out and called me. “I’m going to get fired. I hate getting blamed. It wasn’t all me” They were practically chanting this freak out mantra at me.
When your emotions overwhelm your brain, you can’t think clearly. It shorts out the electricity, so to speak. Most of my job that day was not to tell them it would be ok (it would, he’s fine). most of my job was to try to get them to calm down enough to think. I do a reading specifically for this purpose called Water.  Sometimes, fellow Readers, our job is to listen until the wave of emotion crest and falls, so we can see the way clear for them.
xo LFT

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