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The Devil card – one of the tarot card whose raw meaning is even worse than the oogie-boogie devil featured on most cards. Hopeless.  Chained.  Addicted.  Yikes.
Theresa Reed is our first guest DJ for the Devil.
AntiChrist Superstar by Marilyn Manson. How can you NOT think of Marilyn Manson when you think of The Devil? I’ll never forget the first time I saw them – my husband’s band was opening up for them. And when I saw the poster, my first thought was “Oooh goody – these guys are fucked up! My kinda band!” They were crass, dirty, outrageous, decadent, frightening, sexual and dangerous. The perfect representation of all that is dark and forbidden. AntiChrist Superstar is a creepy good album of the very darkest kind. – Theresa Reed

Here is another take on the Devil by Little Red.  I love the differences in the songs and perspectives these two ladies share. They are fascinating teachers – each in their own rights
Shampain by Marina and the Diamonds tells the story of a person who is refusing to take responsibility for herself and sort her sorry ass out.
She’s had her heart broken, yes, and god knows that’s bloody painful. But rather than spending some healthy time reflecting and coming to terms with her hurt and anguish (boooooring!) she instead heads out on the razzle-dazzle, night after night.
Ultimately she knows it’s no good. She feels like she has has a hole in her head (hmm, familiar!) and check out the video for a brilliantly choreographed depiction of Saturday night carnage, top girl style, set in a graveyard (awesome!)  but, despite the hangovers and potential broken ankles, oblivion is still easier than taking the virtuous, self-improving route.  Right?
In fact, she’s even managing to kid herself that this is some kinda heavenly experience – the champagne (okay, it’s almost definitley Lambrini) she’s downing by the bottle is made by the angel ‘Glittering Gabriel’ and makes her feel ‘celestial’.
For me this – along with many of Marina’s songs – perfectly encapsulates the way in which we let the energy of The Devil inform our everyday lives. Taking the easy route, numbing our real feelings, living purely in the moment without regard for the consequences and most of all lying to ourselves about what’s going on – this is card fifteens’s special bondage.
On which note, I shall raise a glass to my ol’ mucker The Devil and head down the pub.  xx – Little Red

Thanks, ladies. 
xo LFT

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