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N is for Nervous #atozchallenge

 omg so anxious
omg so anxious

I’m a nervous kind of girl. When I was a new reader, I remember having a mild freakout before each reading. That my readings were going to suck, and none of them would be accurate, and the client was going to rise up out of their seat and point at me, shouting, “J’accuse! Shenanigans!” I swear to god, every time. I had to call my friend Kitten before my gigs to get talked out of my tree. It was ridiculous.

This lasted until like five years ago. I still get a little nervous, but not in the same, gut punch kind of way. I think that a little anxiety is good for you – it keeps you on your toes, and it makes sure that I remember to grab everything before I walk out of the door. 

Too much anxiety, though, can make you doubt yourself, and who needs that? Here are some things that I do to help me chill out before readings.

1. Put on your armor.  I make sure I have on my amethyst bracelet, my mala and my crystal earrings. These help keep me grounded.

2. Grab some rocks. I walk around the house and stuff my tarot gig bag full of whichever stones want to come with me. Labradorite is a favorite. So is citrine.

3. Shuffle the cards. Before your client arrives, shuffle your cards a bit. It’s repetitive and calming and helps you relax. 

4. Prepare! Pack your gig bag the night before. Bring gum or mints, two or three decks, whichever rocks want to come, a notepad and a pen, business cards, the address of the gig, phone number of your contact, and money for parking just in case. 

5. Remember that you won’t turn into dust. Honestly, you are allowed to screw up a reading. If you’re off track, just ask the client to shuffle again and start over. It happens. This is the worst thing that could possibly happen. It’ll be ok. 

Remember that you’ve been practicing for a reason, and that you’re meant to read for that person for a reason! It’s going to be fine. Just breathe.

xo Lis

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