Can't be a good tarot student without a dinosaur hat.
Can’t be a good tarot student without a dinosaur hat.

I used my handy dandy tarot book for readings for a decade. Even for paid readings. Even for new clients. I told them that I was still learning and it was ok! I relied on it less and less, but the damned Two of Wands looks JUST LIKE the Three of Wands and it’s helpful to grab the book and have a reminder sometimes. 

The two shelves pictured are only part of my tarot library. It’s more of a tarot lending library, and Amanda and Potter and Ellen and Sarah Kate still have some of my books on loan. I read every book that comes with every deck that I get. I read every book recommended by fellow readers or written by my people. I have been reading cards since 1989, and I will never ever finish learning about them.

SO – here is a list of my favorite books and tarot sites. Enjoy!

Tarot Visions Podcast

Coffee and Tarot

xo! Lis






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