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Join Melissa, Jaymi Elford and Hilary Parry Haggerty in talking about tarot. What they like and don’t like about the cards. Which decks make them light up, and what answer you’ll get if you ask for a free reading. Podcasts are launched every other Friday.

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Telling a story – Part 2

Hiya. No readings til April. I tried, guys, and had to reschedule readings, and I fuckin hate that. I've got a dr. appointment coming up in the next few weeks and hopefully will figure all of this out. I'm ok-ish. Just hanging out with the family, sleeping a lot,...

Let’s tell a story

Let’s tell a story

Hey, nerds, It's been a weird time for me - got sick, hospital, lots of blood tests, still don't know what's up with me for sure. And then I started feeling better and then got the second Pfizer vaccine and that knocked my ass out. So I feel like Rocky saying, "Cut...

In which my intuition saved my life.

In which my intuition saved my life.

I decided to quit smoking 64 days ago. I'd tried before - lots of times before, but it was TIME. I had this idea that I would quit smoking, start exercising, and really focus on getting healthy this year. I started this program, #WellCynova, using the tarot to help...

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