Sproing! Clean your goddamn room

Hey, nerds,

Listen, I don’t want to do spring cleaning, either. No moms do. It’s a fucking urge. It’s primal.

You look around at all of the piles that have turned into furniture and the dust and cat hair have to do something, but doing something is harder than living with the tumbleweeds of cat hair.

The last few years have been an opportunity for me to feel truly helpless.

Can’t carry stuff upstairs (laundry) can’t vacuum, can’t do stuff that I normally could, so how do I keep my house from looking like everyone in it just got tired and said ‘fuck it’ with Heloise in about 2019?

I don’t.

Well, I don’t all the time. But I do know that it’s hard to balance your mental health when the space around you is cluttered.

The Air reading in Tarot Elements speaks about peace of mind, and it’s hard to do when you stop feeling comfortable in the space you’re taking up.

Designed by Vera Petruk

Some tricks:

  • Start in one spot.
  • Pick a room and then do this:
  • Get all of the trash and dishes out of that room
  • Use a laundry basket to collect everything that doesn’t have a home there.
  • Clean the room. This site has great resources.
  • Go through the laundry basket RIGHT AWAY and put everything in its home.

Congratulations. You did a hard thing.

Go watch Mrs. Maisel and do it again in another room when you’re ready.

Love you guyses.


P.S. You can find more of Vera Petruk’s beautiful art here: https://www.instagram.com/vera.petruk/?hl=en

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