Hey, nerds,

Anyone else have daffodils and crocuseseses jumping up for attention in their yard or neighborhood?

I do.

Even the bright blades of green are enough to get me smiling. And my groundhog count is up to two. No turtles yet, but I am known to stop traffic to help a little shella fella gently yeet across the road.


All of this kinda feels stupid right now sometimes, but I keep having to remind myself that joy is not a fuckin destination. It’s little pieces of something shiny that we pick up and put in our pocket for the day.

Honestly, sometimes I spend all day looking for one thing and sometimes I have to be the shiny thing for myself.

In my book Tarot Elements (Why didn’t we name it Kitchen Table Elements? I don’t know) there is a Home reading based on the Earth element.

Sometimes houses don’t feel like homes. When you walk outside, how far do you feel that your space extends?

Are you one of the travelers like my Mary who carries home with her?

The goal of the Earth reading is to help you find out.

You deserve a place to feel planted. You deserve peace of mind. You deserve to turn around and see a little tulip pushing through the snow, or your not so bright dog (Sorry, Georgie) playing “I’ll bet I can eat your entire head” with the cat.

This month, with all of the uncertainty in the world and in our hearts, let’s focus on the Sun card with all of its grace.

It’s not asking you to BE HAPPY. It’s asking you to find happiness.

This is one of my favorites from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell-Colbert.


Just a little at a time. Baby steps.

Xo Lis

You can purchase a print of the Sun (or any Gaian card) here:

And Joanna is hosting a retreat in August (first one in over two years):

I love you, JPC.

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