Sproing! Clean out your brain.

Hi, nerds,

I have said in the past (in Kitchen Table Magic (CHA CHING) that words are important, they plant seeds, and then they grow.

That’s why we call them Spells.

When folks (like you) have been through emotional trauma (like we all have) it’s really important that we become attentive to our inside voices.

Not the one that I never got – the inside, shhh, or your mom will pinch you inside voice.


The Inside Voice.

You might remember it from such times as “That time you walked into a party and the Inside Voice told you that EVERYONE was staring at you (even though they weren’t) and you called yourself lame and left.”

Or, “that one time in Junior High when you got your period and no one told you until 2 pm and you called yourself stupid the whole way home.”

It’s also insidious, because…

sometimes that voice needs to shut the fuck up

It won’t, though, because it’s job is to keep you safe. The only people who don’t have an anxiety voice are toddlers and terrorists and we don’t let them be in charge of shit.

So, let’s retrain it to provide security for us instead of being a jerk to us.

The next time you hear the voice start to plant a seed, here are a few things that might help with them.

  • A tarot reading from me. Seriously, I know some stuff.
  • Arguing with the voice – literally saying “Stop. Not helpful”, and saying the REAL REASON.
  • Ex. I am so stupid for forgetting a meeting. Actually, stop, brain. Not helpful. Things happen and I’ve been stressed.
  • Ex. Why doesn’t anyone want me? Why do I always think that I am the problem? Maybe I should talk to a therapist about this.
  • Write down compelling arguments against shit that other people have laid on you. Again, a therapist will be helpful.
  • Write down the circuitous negative self-talk and burn it. Still being a dick to yourself? Burn it again.
  • Dodge negativity like Neo in the Matrix. Just turn away from other people’s shit. If it’s not your business, duck and roll. Walk away from icky feelings and if you can’t, have I mentioned therapy? Sliding scales? It’s really good for you.
  • Move your body, walk outside, take a shower, take a nap, eat some food that’s been around for more than like 12 minutes.

Listen, tarot cards are the answer sometimes, and will point you to the answer most of the time. If you can control your thoughts, you have a better chance of controlling your actions and nudging your life in the way that it needs to go.

Be nice to yourself. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is waiting to take a shot at you. Don’t stand in line to be one of them.

Xo Lis

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