Hey, guys.

There is so much stress and worry around this election, so I wanted to send this newsletter closer to Tuesday. This is something that you can do tonight or Monday night. I always say that you can’t control or manage anything that’s outside of your hands. What can you touch? Who is in your home?

This is true in a lot of ways, but I do believe in collective energy. I feel hopeful, and in sharing this spell, I’m hoping that my little light will join with yours and help bring some sunshine to the world that we desperately need right now.

I also wanted to talk about Kitchen Table Gathering. Tickets are still available, and classes are on November 7-8. I’m excited to see George, Rudy and Ellen teach, and to share the witch bottle spell with everyone. We make these in our house every Halloween, but this year, I’m waiting until the class to create mine. 🙂

Here is a wee protection spell that you can do for your family right now.

Need: Jar with Lid, paper and pen, tealight candle. Sugar, salt and a Sharpie.

Write down all of the folks and animals that you’re responsible for. Not your parents, unless you’re their caretaker. Not your friends, unless they’re in your home. These are folks who you feed, shelter, and protect.

Across the names, write this petition “Keep as safe as life. Hold as close as breath”. Turn the paper and write it on the other side. Do this until you’ve written it four times on each side.

Fold the paper three times towards you, turn it, and fold three times again.

Place the paper in a jar with sugar and salt. Sugar for sweetness and salt for protection. Close the jar, and write on the side whatever words feel correct to you. The jar that I have says MINE on it. Place the tealight on the lid and light.

After the candle goes out, stash the jar somewhere hidden in your house. Kitchens are a great place, in the back of the cabinet, or wherever feels like the heart of your house.

Remember to take good care of yourselves and of others that you can. Wear a mask. Take a deep breath, and don’t forget to wash your hands.


“Safe as life” is a phrase that Maggie Stiefvater uses in her books. I love it, and have swiped it for this spell.

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