Are you alone, or lonely?

Happy May, guys, 

It seems that the virus would take over most of my readings, but it’s not true. Within our solitude and this weirdness, we still have relationships, needs, and worries to address. My phone readings are open during the day now, and I have some evening spots available as well.

One thing that I’ve noticed in the readings is that relationships – or the lack of relationships – seem more intense now. If you’re with someone and unsure, this lockdown places an enormous amount of pressure on you to be CERTAIN.

If you’re alone, y’all seem to be feeling like you’re always going to be alone. I get that, and that’s what today’s Hey, Cynova reading is all about.

“Hey, Cynova,

Will I ever remarry?

Thank you!”


The question is more than this. Bigger than this. It’s not so much about being married again, as it is about trying to figure out the difference between being lonely and alone. 

The cards are showing a pattern of pulling into yourself and building walls. The hermit reversed, forgetting to take the light that is offered and come back down the mountain. The Three Wands aching for change, but stuck in the same place. Above all, the Ace of Swords declaring that you WILL not allow yourself to be harmed again.

The problem with love is that hurt is part of the process.This is where Temperance comes in. You’ve had time to do work on yourself, yet you don’t ask the Universe for partners who have done the work, too. You accept people hoping that below all of that dirt is a diamond. And at the end, you have dirty hands and are exhaustion.

I encourage you to date with one intention in mind. Find a diamond that’s dug itself out of the dirt. Find someone who has invested time and energy into making itself shine. Your shine’s will recognize each other. Do not settle, and do not focus on marriage. Focus on finding someone worthy to hold hands with. Be precise. Be bold.

Be yourself.

Also, be free of the need for marriage. It can be nice, but is not necessary in life. Look instead for love. For friendship. For the community. If marriage comes around, great. If not, your life will be so full that you won’t even notice. 



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