Activism in the time of Corona

Hey, guys,

I skipped last week’s newsletter, but here is a summary. This corona thing is in the for long haul, so save as much as you’re able, but don’t forget little delights that make the days worth living for. I will never stop buying candles because they’re good for my mental health. I get sale ones and use coupons, but they’re still coming. 

Housekeeping stuff – 

Kitchen Table Magic is out! Thank you to everyone who has written to tell me that they love it. This is a scary time for authors – the book has been written for like six months, and there is zero feedback. Then, it’s out in the world and you wonder “Will they love it as much as I do? Is it needed?” The first message I got was from my dear friend Seth, who said it made him feel seen because of its inclusivity. That’s the only review I need. Thank you, all.

I’m selling Vandalized copies in my shop. Once these are gone, I’m going to stop selling them. I’ve got 25 copies left, and then it’s all over. These are not AS doodled in as Kitchen Table Tarot – I wrote all of the stuff I wanted to say in the book! But I’m having fun with them. 🙂

The Scorpio Sea Tarot is out, too! I love seeing pictures of it and you (and your pets) Maggie Stiefvater and I worked really hard on this deck, and I’m glad you dig it. It’s based on the characters from her book The Scorpio Races, which is one of my favorites. On the Isle of Thisby, in the cold Northern Sea, this deck lives in the same place as Sean and Puck. You’ll see their families, their community, and the creatures you’ll find around them. It’s really a love letter to the culture and community that the story lives in, and I hope you dig it.

Kitchen Table Gathering!  There are still tickets available. I’ll be posting video interviews with George, Rudy and Ellen in the next few weeks, along with course descriptions. Pay attention to the event’s Facebook page and my instagram. Also, if you want to go, you have to get a ticket. 🙂 I see a lot of folks marked as ‘attending’ but they don’t have a ticket purchased. Don’t miss out! This is gonna be good, y’all

And as always, phone and email readings are available. Email readings are $40 and are answered within 5 days of the question. This price won’t ever change, as long as I offer them. I know things are tight, guys. <3

THIS WEEK – let’s talk about Activism in the time of Corona.

By Laura Jean Truman

First of all, THANK YOU to all of those who are actively throwing their bodies in the cogs of the machine. Those who are marching for Black Lives, Queer Lives, for over throwing ICE, for reproductive freedom, for better Labor conditions. I see you, and I appreciate you. I’ve posted links in my newsletters so you can find organizations to throw your weight behind.

Thank you SO much for being present and making sure we don’t forget what’s going on. Make sure you’re staying hydrated and taking your meds. Be sure you get rest.

I have been getting a lot of calls from people who are anxious that they’re not doing enough. You guys – stop it. Really. It’s ok.

You KNOW that I can’t march. I can’t physically protest. Just can’t. 

What I can do is use my voice and my platform for folks who are being victimized and underrepresented.

I can raise my kids to see the world as it is.

I can have conversations with folks who disagree with me, instead of rolling my eyes and walking away. 

I can donate the money and time that I have to causes that will make our communities stronger.

This work? It’s tiring, too. It’s hard, too. When I get too worn out, I take a break. And I don’t beat myself up during the break. We’re under the shadow of a pandemic. This is new. We didn’t get to practice for this. We don’t know how to MAINTAIN being ok through a pandemic. 

You’re going to need time to heal. Then, when your feet are steady beneath you, you can go back into the fight.

For each person (and there are a lot of you) who have reached out to me because their health, mental health and stability are at risk, remember that this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We’re going to need you down the line. Get well. Be ready. 

NOW.  I’m doing a raffle! Five bucks to enter to win a Vandalized copy of Kitchen Table Magic AND a copy of The Scorpio Sea Tarot! Thanks to Other Seth for donating the KTM copy to the raffle. There is a person in my witchy/tarot community who is recovering from surgery and could use a hand. I’ll be taking raffle orders for the rest of September and ALL OF THE MONEY will go to my friend. 

Take good care of yourselves, guys. 



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