Hello! We are reaching the end of August, which means cooler weather here in St. Louis. I hate summer, because I don’t like being hot ever. Also the sun is just right in your eyes? And there are bugs and the humidity feels like you’re being smothered by a tiny wet washcloth.

Anyway, yay, fall. 

Before I get started on the Happy Making things, here is what’s going on with me!

The Scorpio Sea Tarot – now available! You can order it from Left Bank Books or Pathways in St. Louis!

Kitchen Table Magic! Also Now available! I’m selling Vandalized copies in my shop.

Kitchen Table Gathering!!! Now, an online conference, where you’ll learn magic and tarot-adjacent stuff from George Koury, Me, Ellen Herget and Rudy Hunter. It’s going to be wonderful and you can register here.

I’ve been a busy bee.

Here are some more things that helped me get through the summer of quarantine. It’s really the little things you guys. As someone who has had long bouts of illness before, I promise you that finding a few things every day that delight you makes it easier to get through confusion and tedium. 

So here are my little delights. I am loving the messages I get from you about things that YOU love. Keep it up.

Take good care,



STASH Moroccan Mint Tea

I don’t remember who gave me this first, but I will thank them until the end of my days. For mother’s day this year, my kids got me a case of it, and it’s nearly gone. Just a bit of honey (a lot of honey) and this and I’m good to go.


TUL Retractable Gel Pens

My friend Skoob introduced me to the perfect pen. I’m hooked on office supplies, and I love these pens. And my kids steal them like little magpies, so it’s time for me to order some more. Get the ones with all of the colors. It’s awesome.


Passion Planner

I know that planners seem kind of stupid this year, and I love this planner, but the name makes it sound stupid. BUT. This is the best planner I’ve used. The covers are soft and nice to touch, which makes my stationery self swoon. Since most of my plans for this year have been cancelled, I’m using it to manifest/direct how my day is going to go. Today, I’m going to finish this newsletter, and finish a thing that’s been hanging over me. Then, I’m going to snuggle with my fella and start a puzzle.  Speaking of…


Jigsaw Puzzles

I rarely work puzzles that are less than 1000 pieces, because I like challenges. I will use lots of swears, though, but there is something soothing about making something whole. The most difficult ones are not the all black puzzle or the sand dunes one, but the ones with a lot of color and patterns. Especially during quarantine, I want to keep my mind sharp and also stay relaxed, and this is my go to. Also, when I’m finished, I mail them to friends. Bonus.

The brands I like are Pomegranate, Ravensburger, Bgraamiens, and Eeboo.

I once set fire to a cheap puzzle that had pieces that could fit anywhere. I take this shit seriously.  

I hope you’re finding ways to find your joy during the day. Let me know what you love.

Xoxo Lis

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