Someone gave a Sagittarian a newsletter


LISTEN, I have seven planets in Sagittarius. I’m a lot.

I always spend time trying to figure out what to talk about during the monthly newsletters. Things that are relevant to what’s going on in the news, trends that I’m seeing in tarot, la la all that. So I got to this month, and I remembered THAT DECEMBER 12TH IS MY BIRTHDAY. Oh, yes. It is. I’ll be 46.

I wanted to use my platform to talk about me – some of you are new to the newsletter, and some of you have been here for a minute, so this is a good time to make my marketing friend happy and actually talk about me and my products. 🙂

So – this picture is little me – straight out of 1975. Please note the Rainbo bread and fabulous wallpaper. I grew up in Kansas with my Dad and my sister. We moved to Missouri when I was 6 or so, and my daycare changed from my uncle’s mechanics shop to my new grandpa’s farm.

I wandered in the woods a lot. I read books a lot, and I felt kind of outside of everything for a long, long, time. My favorite book was/is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’engle, and my first crush was Suzi Quattro, followed by Freddie Mercury. Hmm. A wee bisexual in the making.

This week, I’m going to promote (gasp!) my gift certificate and my new classes on Teachable.

The Gift Cert! It’s for $125 and can cover either a tarot class or a phone reading. Yay! Scroll past email reading and you’ll find it. It has a great picture of baby me. 😀

The classes – Me and Christine Rose Elle walk through each of the Minor Arcana cards. Each class is $20, so if the Sixes just frustrate the hell out of you, you can learn all about them here.

I’m also a big fan of giving when you can. Big thanks to Stray Rescue St. Louis for rescuing our newest addition, Scarlet. She’s an absolute love, and we’re thrilled to have foster-failed. Please donate to Stray Rescue if you can! I’d consider it a wonderful birthday gift.

xoxo Lis


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