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Just Be Kind To Yourself

Hey, guys,

It just – literally a few days ago – felt like the New Year to me. It’s been a slog, man, these last few years. Everyone I know has a hurt or a longing and they’re just dangling out there like exposed nerves.


Best to keep to your folks and stay low to the ground. We’re going to want to focus on the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and level up ONLY when you feel comfy doing so. Vigilance doesn’t breed creativity.

Just be kind to yourself. 

Now we talk about Georgie.

One of the kindest people I’ve ever known was my buddy, George Koury. He was like my asshole big brother and it was like that from the second we met. He recorded a class for 2020’s Kitchen Table Gathering and I wanted to share it with everyone, but I’m also not about to exploit my friend’s memory.

His husband, Rudy, gave me strict instructions on how to handle the class. You can purchase it on my Teachable account here, and a portion of it goes to Georgie and Rudy’s favorite charities.

Never negotiate with a fuckin Capricorn. You will lose.

Stay tuned for more things coming from Cynova & Crew. We’re setting our own deadlines and giving ourselves space to create. I recommend the same for you if you can.

Also, I’m not going to Detroit. Or anywhere for that matter. Follow IG for our upcoming online events.

Much love to you.

xo Lis

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