Hey, guys. 

This week’s question is about tarot cards. They’re not infallible, and often they can be a pain in the ass. In the first week after lockdown, I pulled the Hermit cards for nearly every reading. No shit, cards.

I hope that you’re all doing well, and taking good care of yourselves. I fear this is going to last longer than I expected initially. Here’s hoping we can all see this through to the end. Remember that this is not your new normal. This is weird, and awful, and exhausting. Don’t try to replace your normal with this bananas timeline.  

The Hey, Cynova question for today is Can your cards have off days?

“Can your cards have off days? I’ve been pulling a card a day and mostly they are spot on. I’m not new to cards but new to actually trying to read and use them. Have had a deck for over 25 years! I’ve been trying different pull methods and still not feeling when my cards are done shuffling. The last 2 days the cards aren’t making sense.”

Ironically, I’m going to turn to my cards for this one.


Sometimes, if you’ve held the same tools the same way for 25 years, it’s time to try something new. The Four wands reversed show your stuck-ness, and are asking you to turn things over and around. The Two Pentacles are showing you that the way to get unstuck is to find some balance.

You can try to pair oracle or Lenormand cards with your daily tarot reading. Maybe a pendulum to clarify questions. You can mix it up a little bit to get your daily practice back to life. You might also try a new deck. This one is the Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly, which has become one of my absolute favorite decks. 

Instead of one card a day, you can try pulling three and telling yourself the story of the day.  The eight cups reversed are asking you to empty out what you knew, and fill your cups with something brand new.

Good reading!



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