Telling a story – Part 2


No readings til April. I tried, guys, and had to reschedule readings, and I fuckin hate that. I’ve got a dr. appointment coming up in the next few weeks and hopefully will figure all of this out. I’m ok-ish. Just hanging out with the family, sleeping a lot, puzzles, books, blah blah. I did get my second vaccination and as of Saturday am all good to hug my vaccinated friends. This makes everything totally worth it.

Ok, so, expanding on the “Story telling” from last week, we’re going to have a bigger equation. This week, it’s the six card spread.

Question – What does tarot have to tell us today?

This is the Cult of Weimar Tarot. I know. It’s awesome.

The Top Row 2 Cups + the Fool + 2 Wands = The Past

The easy comfort of those closest to us (2 cups) encouraged us t take a chance (fool) and yet, we feel stuck (Fuck you, Covid)

Middle Row – Ten Cups + Knight of Cups = The Present

You’re coming out of the slump (ten cups) and are learning how to deal with your mood stuff (knight cups) but remember that you’re not supposed to be killing it every goddamned day. You don’t have to live your #blessed #bestlife. That’s to frickin hard. You’re still learning how to be a person who just made it through a pandemic.

Bottom Row – Justice = Future

You have GOT to be fair to yourself as you come out of this intense weirdness. To quote the delightful Tom Papa;

You know what’s normal? How you feel right now. In your funny little gassy bodies. A little achy, a little tired, Lightheaded. Worried about your bills. Worried about that thing you found on your ass. That’s normal. You don’t need a five hour energy drink. You need to lay down every once in a while. You’re doing fine.

You’re doing fine.

xo Lis

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