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Hey, guys,

I have been furloughed from my awesome muggle job, but that’s good news for you guys. I’m opening up tarot readings during the day. You can book phone readings here, and email readings are here

Also, I’m still offering my Tarot 101 class half off to anyone who wants it. You can find it here. I know that things are uncertain now, and I always feel better when I have something to do. 

So, you’ve started (or are fattening) your savings account, you’ve used your friends Netflix password instead of paying for it, and you’re feeling more confident about looking at your bank app every morning.

I’ve dedicated a whole month of newsletters to money. There are a few reasons why. 

First, this is a really unstable time for a lot of folks financially. Student loans are insane, medical bills, medicine and insurance are so difficult. My inhaler costs $65 OR $140 depending on where I buy it. If I can’t wait for it to be mailed? I’m out of luck. This is a rescue inhaler, mind you. It’s fucking insane.

Because we grew up with people who might have had more financial security (retirement? What’s that?), it might be natural to fall into a self-flagellating cycle if you’re having a hard time but I want to tell you something.

We’re all having a hard time.

Unless you’re raised with money and know how to manage it, it’s going to be a learning process. I can’t tell you how many folks call me, anxious and sad about their financial situation, feeling like they can’t control it.

The second reason is because the readings I do for my clients are separated mostly in three categories, Sex, Love and Money. Money causes problems when you’re not in right relations with it, and I love to help people out. 

The third is that this is something that folks don’t talk about a lot, and I think that needs to change. We all do better when we all do better, and sharing our worries makes them lighter.

I promise that if you try and follow the plan in Total Money Makeover, you can be in charge of your money.

That confidence will grow, and peace of mind will come with it.

Let me know how you do, and if you need a specific answer, today is the last day for the March Money readings.  You can find them here.

PS – I wrote this newsletter before the virus outbreak, and I still believe in it. Focus on what you can control. Be kind. Breathe.



November 7-8 – Kitchen Table Gathering – Join me, George Koury, Rudy Hunter and Ellen Herget at the Fortune Teller Bar in St Louis for a weekend of learning, friendship and probably tacos. We’ll be teaching tarot, magic and tarot-adjacent classes. 30 seats available. More info to come! Folks who register for this fall gathering will receive the Kitchen Table Tarot class for free.  xo


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