Hey, guys,

Sometimes, the all-of-it is just too overwhelming. It sometimes feels like if we’re a little broken, and the world is a little broken, that maybe we can’t help at all.

Shenanigans, I say. The one thing that I’ve found that will cheer me up is to help someone else.  If you donate $7 a month to the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, it can provide one round trip bus pass to a support group. 

  • $15 a month pays for one hour worth of work by the ED because we value trans people doing the work and want to pay a fair wage
  • $50 a month supports Internet access at HQ for a month
  • $80 a month provides a monthly bus pass to a support group member
  • $100 a month covers utilities at HQ for a month
  • $150 offsets cost of documentation change

Can’t afford monthly donations? How about $10?

  •   $10 – Provides a to go toiletries kit
  •    $15 – One hour of work by support staff because we value trans people doing the work and want to pay a living wage
  •    $30 – Provides a phone card for unlimited talk /text internet for a person to be connected
  •    $40 – Provides a to go food bag to supplement /feed one human for one week
  •    $100 – Provides supplement /food for two humans for one week (our data is showing the 70% of the humans we are serving have a child living in the home)
  • So, what you think is negligible is actually helping someone live their most authentic life. Pretty great, huh?

I’m getting creative with the somethings that I’m sending out. Some folks are getting stickers, bookmarks, notes. One guy got a puzzle. I’ll try not to wrap up my cats and send them along.

So far?  We have raised $300for the trans community and for The Bail Project!  Look at you shine!

Keep em coming!

EVENTS!!!  I’m doing readings with Queen of the Universe, Jenna Matlin! Join us on June 26th for a psychic gallery! Seating is limited, so get in now. 

ALSO – Ethony’s Tarot Summer School is on! You can use this code to become a student. This is a fantastic opportunity for tarot readers new and old.  

Xoxo Lis

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