I missed you, too


Holy crap, I am so glad to be back.

This picture is by my friend Cate Anevski, and is pretty much how I’m feeling these days.

I feel better, you guys. Not 100%. This is a condition, not an illness, and it’s not going to get “Fixed”. HOWEVER, I’m on a medication that doesn’t make me sleep 12 hours a day, and doesn’t give me brain fog. I’ll take it.

With the return of alertness comes insomnia. Because sure. That’s cool. I’m actually writing this at 3:35am. I’m working on this with my doctors. Please don’t tell me to take melatonin. It made me dream that I peeled my face off. Yeah, I know. I have a team of folks who are helping me with this, and we will figure it out.

It’s been kind of fun, though. I’m getting a lot of writing done, and every now and again I’ll pop onto Instagram at 2 am to do live one card readings. I haven’t done a reading since March! I’m rusty, probably, and need the practice. Also, I get to talk to you guys overseas. 

Even though the medicine is helping my BP and heart rate stay close to normal most of the time, it still spikes a few times a day. So, I still have to take it easy. Here’s my schedule for readings. I am NOT doing email readings yet. It’s just too much for right now. Baby steps. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays – 1pm, 2pm, 5pm CST

As a THANK YOU to everyone who has been so lovely while I was ill, for the month of June, you can use the code GODDAMNITSHURI to get $25 off of a phone reading. Thanks, guys. <3 I felt the love and the candles that were lit and the good vibes. 

ALSO – it’s June, and that means we’re raising money. Last year, we raised over $900 for the Bail Project and Metro Trans St. Louis.

THIS June, we’re raising money for Growing American Youth. If you donate to them in the month of June, I will put your name in a drawing for a free reading with me, AND signed copies of one of my books – your choice!  Just email the proof of donation to

Is that it? I think so. 




Ethony’s Summer School is opening soon, and guess what? I’m part of it. 🙂  Check it out here. 


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