Tarot Readings in the Time of Corona

Hey, guys,

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Housekeeping stuff – 

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Kitchen Table Magic is out! I’m so pleased at the response! Especially from a new fan who is four and keeps stealing her mother’s copy of the book. Little witches, man. I love them. I’m selling Vandalized copies in my shop. You guys are bossy, so I ordered one more box. That’s it, though! Once they’re gone, they’re gone. These are not AS doodled in as Kitchen Table Tarot – I wrote all of the stuff I wanted to say in the book! But I’m having fun with them. 🙂

The Scorpio Sea Tarot is out, too! I love seeing pictures of it and you (and your pets) Maggie Stiefvater and I worked really hard on this deck, and I’m glad you dig it. It’s based on the characters from her book The Scorpio Races, which is one of my favorites. On the Isle of Thisby, in the cold Northern Sea, this deck lives in the same place as Sean and Puck. You’ll see their families, their community, and the creatures you’ll find around them. It’s really a love letter to the culture and community that the story lives in, and I hope you dig it.

And as always, phone and email readings are available. Email readings are $40 and are answered within 5 days of the question. This price won’t ever change, as long as I offer them. I know things are tight, guys. <3

THIS WEEK – let’s talk about Tarot Readings in the time of Corona.

I’ve been pretty busy with readings, and most of them end in a validation that everything is going to be ok.

One of them was for a woman who was studying overseas, and left her home and family right before March. She doesn’t have anyone there for her. I encouraged her to find an online spiritual community – they’re all online now, folks. I’ve also encouraged her to find a group of her peers on Meetup.com. I know that it’s lonely. I also know that being lonely can push people towards relationships they wouldn’t normally choose, and into feeling that their decisions are wrong. This woman is in the right place, and is doing the right thing, but loneliness nearly sent her home.

Also, anxiety and depression are going through the roof. THIS IS NORMAL. What’s going on in our world? That’s not normal. Do NOT get used to it. Do NOT go along to get along. Do the best you can with what you can control, but don’t for a second think that it’s going to go on forever. I can see the end of the tunnel. True, it’s about a year away here in the states, but we can do hard things, and we can stick this out. We are made of stern stuff. The moment we start thinking that our lives are stuck this way, it’s a form of giving up. You can do this. You can do it lying down with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, too. Just remember that this is Just for now.

Another theme in readings lately has been relationships. From long term relationships, to folks that just moved in before all of this started, to first dates that turned into six months of dating. From the readings I’ve done, here is a shorthand for best relationship practices.

  1. If you’re married or living together, take a break. Get a hotel room nearby for a weekend. you’re not meant to live in each other’s spaces all the time. That’s an unjust weight on your relationship.
  2. If you’re dating and it’s serious, still take a break from constant contact. If your relationship is strong enough to thrive from a distance, it’s strong enough to survive a day without facetime.
  3. If you’re casually dating? Maybe take a break from that, too. This pandemic has overly complicated anything, and being alone and healthy is better than being lonely and with someone some of the time.

Just remember that this is an extraordinary pressure on otherwise healthy-seeming relationships. When you apply too much pressure, everything is going to start coming out. Allow it to. Then clean it up and move forward.

If you’re doing readings in this time, remember that it’s not your job to fix your client’s lives. It’s your job to give them hope, and help them see a little further down the road. That’s it. You’re not meant to double your hours, to do “Emergency” readings (no reading is an emergency ever), and you’re not meant to read when things are difficult in your life. Take some time to just be. Your clients will thank you for it.

Take good care of yourselves, ok?

xoxo Lis

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