Hiya – some folks were asking when my birthday is. It’s December 12th, and this year, I’m going to be 46. I tend to light up for the whole month of December, though, as I love presents and family and all of the traditions that we have for this month.

This year is going to be different, so I’m determined to light up, anyway. In spite of the Covid. In spite of the fact that I can’t see my grandma. I’m going to light this month up, goddamnit. Do you wanna help?

Ok – so each week I’m going to share a link to raise money for something I believe in. Please give if you’re able.

This week I want to share info about my French tutor from college (mais oui) and amazing friend, Jen Giles. Jen is a teacher in Colorado, and would like nothing more than to have people sponsor her kiddos in the Scholastic Book Club. Can you imagine? I remember wistfully looking at books that we couldn’t afford, and how cool to get a book! You can send Jen Venmo at @Jennifer-Giles-55 and checks can be made out to Scholastic Book Club, and mailed to Columbine Elementary, 111 Longs Peak Ave., Longmont, CO 80504

And here is the link to her Amazon wish list for the kiddos. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/3LTI0U5G2DTPY?ref_=wl_share

This little me was reading as much as she could. I would read books backwards because I’d read them so many times forward. I know the power of Scholastic books, and helping Jen and her kiddos like this makes my whole day.

ALSO – because I adore you guys, if you go to my Teachable page, you can get 20% off of any of my classes. The coupon code is HBDCynova 🙂



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