Happiness in the Time of Corona

Happy October (almost!) My favorite month, favorite Holiday. Sitting here with my black cat who is eating a pressed flower my kid gave me. Ahhh, autumn.

Just a few housekeeping things, and then we’re off to figure out how to be happy with all of this shit going on around us.

Kitchen Table Magic is out! Apparently it was on backorder in Canada on Amazon, but I think that’s sorted. Bless all of you Canadians who thought I could control Amazon. I wish. I’d raise everyone’s pay first thing.

I’m selling Vandalized copies in my shop. You guys peer pressured me into getting more, but there are only 24 left and I’M NOT GETTING ANY MORE. I don’t care how nice you are. 🙂 So this is it, guys.

The Scorpio Sea Tarot is out, too! I love seeing pictures of it and you (and your pets) Maggie Stiefvater and I worked really hard on this deck, and I’m glad you dig it. It’s based on the characters from her book The Scorpio Races, which is one of my favorites. On the Isle of Thisby, in the cold Northern Sea, this deck lives in the same place as Sean and Puck. You’ll see their families, their community, and the creatures you’ll find around them. It’s really a love letter to the culture and community that the story lives in, and I hope you dig it.

Kitchen Table Gathering!  There are still tickets available. Check out my facebook page for interviews with George, Rudy and Ellen. 🙂

George is teaching Money and Tarot, Rudy is teaching healing, Ellen is teaching how to care for yourself before, during and after readings, and I’m teaching protection magic and making witch bottles with you guys. 😀 It’s gonna be good.

And as always, phone and email readings are available. Email readings are $40 and are answered within 5 days of the question. This price won’t ever change, as long as I offer them. I know things are tight, guys. <3

I gave a reading to a friend a long time ago, and gave her advice that she gave back to me during the worst of the withdrawal.

This applies to the constant trauma of the pandemic, job insecurity, food insecurity, anxiety – you name it. Here we go.

Your brain has been in a terrible accident. It’s in the ICU. Your job is to protect it at all costs. Live small and in the present. Give your brain peace and quiet. Give it music that make it happy. Give it naps and puzzles and good books. Give it space from other people’s trauma. Trauma bonding is very attractive but also very dangerous.

Your brain will be in the ICU until you can feel safe again. Give yourself three things a day that will make you happy. If you have a to-do list? Break it into three things a day. Alternate the good things and the have-to things. Rest. Be here, right now. Don’t go into the future. Stay put. Don’t linger in the past. There’s no medicine for you there.

Stay here, with us, and we’ll get through this together. Remember that your joy is an expression of defiance and rebellion, and that we’re all right here with you.

Much love to you,


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