Let’s Talk About Bullies for One Second

Dear folks who talk too loud, bonus kids, weirdos, and the ones who sit in the back,

I just had a meeting yesterday where I was asked who my People are. Like who is the audience for Melissa Motherfuckin’ Cynova?

It’s you guys. It’s the guys in the in-betweens.


I was also asked if I wanted to aim for a larger audience (fair question, I have a business now) and honestly, I don’t think I do. I want the people who have seen some shit. I need to be surrounded by folks like me who have decided that they’re not going to settle for the generational trauma and bullshit that’s been laid on top of them and are striving for their OWN authenticity. Just like me.

Here is a video that I did this week in which I talk about bullies. They come in all ages and they’re all motivated by fear.

Melissa Cynova video on Instagram

So, to restate, our rules with bullies are thusly.

They don’t deserve your time. Basic human dignity, yes. Respect? Earn that shit.

We grow big from the inside out, not the other way around.

Find your people

Elbows out

AP 23/7/22 – Lisa Sterle, Modern Witch Tarot, Strength, Sterling Ethos

If one of them DARES to put their hands on you, come up swinging. It’s going to be a scrap but at the end you won’t care and will grin through bloodied teeth. Also, if they hit you first you were defending yourself. Blam.

Love yourself more than they dislike you. They were raised with fear and are acting small. You are guided by love and can only grow bigger.

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