Hey, guys,

Thank you for sending me all of your podcast recommendations!  My brain is so happy. I haven’t been able to read since March because of stupid medication stuff, so audiobooks and Podcasts are my favorite thing. 

Here are some of my all time favorite books. I’ve included a link to all of the books on Bookshop.org – which supports local bookstores, like my favorite, Left Bank Books.

And of course I gotta pimp my new books! I’ll be having a fundraiser raffle for a signed book and deck when they’re both out, to help a friend with some medical bills. Keep your eyes out for that.

Also, did I mention that I’m now represented by Tara Gilbert at the Jennifer de Chiara Literary Agency? Because I totally am. 🙂 She’s great, and I can’t wait to create with her.

OK – Books I like (and that I wrote and I hope you like)


Kitchen Table Magic – by me

This book is a companion of sorts to Kitchen Table Tarot. It assumes you are a complete novice when it comes to magic, and brings it to you in easy to access steps. Can’t afford fancy candles? Go to your nearest mercado and grab some devotionals for $3. Can’t afford those? Close your eyes and picture the flame. This is magic for those who have felt intimidated about joining organized religion. And it’s fun. And the cat’s name is TABI, because I kinda unveiled it at their conference this year. 😀


Navigating the Scorpio Sea – by me and Maggie Stiefvater

Ok, so Maggie is a spectacular human being, who is also an artist, author and musician. And I suspect she is also a bog witch. She was working on this tarot deck based on the Scorpio Races – her book set in the cold northern sea near the fictional isle of Thisby. Water horses come out of the ocean and might eat you, but also might let you ride them. It’s a beautiful story, and the cards take place in that village. The suits reflect fantastical creatures, animals you’d find in Celtic areas (cows with bangs!) a family, and the town. There are even some superstars (to me) in the deck. My dad, daughter, son, husband, and a handful of good friends. This was a true labor of love and the result of two friends texting incessantly for a year and a half. Llewellyn did an amazing job with this tarot deck and I’m so proud of us.


Big Magic by Liz Gilbert

I listen to this book before I start any project. I refer it to every client who is creative. It’s become a creative touchstone for me, and I know some parts by heart. What it does is allow us to stop resting the weight of our life on top of our creativity, and crushing the hell out of it. It helps me breathe, and to be brave, and to just write the damned book.


Between the World and Me – by Ta-Nehisi Coates

I didn’t understand racism when I was younger – but I thought I did. I thought I was educated in college, yet it didn’t occur to me that ’d never had a Black teacher until I was in my 40’s, and why that was. I thought I knew something of what it was to live as a Black person in America, because I worked in the Black community for 20 years. I was wrong, and I’m still learning.

This book helped me see the world, for just a second, through the eyes of the author, and helped me realize that I don’t know shit, and I need to keep listening.


The Raven Cycle – Maggie Stiefvater

I wrote to Maggie thanking her for writing a house full of tarot readers in a way that didn’t make them wackadoo assholes. This was before we met. I love these books (ok, there are four, sue me). I’ve started giving them to friends when they’re going through difficult times. These books just seem true. And they make you feel less alone. And I love the texts I get from them IN ALL CAPS when they learn more about characters. DEEEElightful.


Tapping the Dream Tree by Charles de Lint

Ok, so all of his books are my favorite, but this is a great way to step into Newford, his fictional (maybe) city in Canada. The characters feel like old friends, and the stories are my favorite part. That gorgeous urban fantasy that makes you believe you could see a hob just around the corner, or a brownie in your house. Or those Crow Girls causing mischief on the rooftops.


Children of Blood and Bone – Tomi Adeyemi

I don’t want to give away any single part of this wonderful book. I’ll just tell you that while I was reading it, I wasn’t here anymore. I was there. I could see the characters, hear their voices. It was amazing. I don’t remember being submerged in a book like that for a long, long time. Just wonderful. 

I hope you enjoy! Take good care of yourselves.  

Xoxo Lis

Events:  Kitchen Table Gathering is back! We’re doing it online because of alla this. It’s going to be great. Me, George Koury, Rudy Hunter and Ellen Herget teaching some stuff, and then a hangout Q&A with all of us on Zoom.

Also! I’ve been doing some book club Zooms and they’re super fun. Here are the parameters – if you guys want to meet to talk about one of my books, we can schedule it for an hour, and I don’t charge for this – just donate to a local LGBTQ+ or Trans Organization and we’ll call it square. Let me know if you want to hang!  <3

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