Hey, guys. 

I’m so sorry that the event in Nashville has been cancelled. Just a reminder that Aromagregory’s has an online store for all of your witchy and tarot needs. I’ll be back when I can!

Your non-scheduled email readings are available! Click here to find them. I’m going to try to get to them as soon as I’m able, so set expectations at three or four days. I’m excited about this. You can still schedule phone readings with me here. I named them “Consultations” because some financial companies discriminate against tarot readers, so poof – I’m a fuckin consultant. 

March Money readings are here. Still open until the end of March. 

Registration is OPEN for the Kitchen Table Gathering! You can sign up here. Only 30 seats are available for this amazing weekend. 

Also – in light of recent events, I’m offering my Tarot 101 class half off to anyone who wants it. You can find it here. I know that things are uncertain now, and I always feel better when I have something to do. 

I know that gatherings are also unsure now, so I’m going to give the 101 class to attendees of November’s event for free. That way, even if you have to cancel, you can still have something to study at home. Thanks to all who have already booked. I’ll send an email today with the link. I hope you like the class, and promise not to quiz you in November. 

I have a little spell to help fill your piggy bank. You can find this and other spells in my book Kitchen Table Magic. (Which releases this fall)
(from KTM, 2020, Llewellyn Books)

This is a spell for when you need some money right now. Be careful with it. Be sure when you’re crafting the spell that you don’t leave the parameters too wide. We don’t want an inheritance, just enough to pay the electric AND phone bills this month. Remember the Wiccan creed “And it harm none.” We don’t want to get this money at the expense of someone else.

Also, I’ve found that this spell works best if you do it FAST. That’s how quickly we want the money to come.

● Coin – silver dollar or Sacajawea coins are super shiny and amazing for this spell

● Green Candle – votive or tealight

● Pen

● Paper big enough to wrap the coin in

While you’re executing this spell, think about the money arriving and going into your account. Picture your balance going up by exactly this amount. Imagine how relieved you’ll be when it gets here. Keep your mind in “When” and not “If”.

● Write down the amount of money you need. DO NOT go too far over this amount.

● Wrap the coin in the paper

● Drip some wax on the paper to seal it.

● Place this in your money altar.

After you receive the money, I want you to save up 10% of that amount to donate. I don’t care how long it takes you. It’s important to give back to the community that pulled a rabbit out of its hat to help you. When you have the money, bury the whole spell packet in the yard, preferably in a garden.



November 7-8 – Kitchen Table Gathering – Join me, George Koury, Rudy Hunter and Ellen Herget at the Fortune Teller Bar in St Louis for a weekend of learning, friendship and probably tacos. We’ll be teaching tarot, magic and tarot-adjacent classes. 30 seats available. More info to come!

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