“…so she’d be the witch and know things.”

I started reading cards in 1989. My friend, Steve gave me a 1974 Rider Waite Smith deck and said, “You should have these”.

I messed up a lot. I misunderstood card meanings, misapplied the Little White Book meaning when my intuition knew better. I gave readings that had lies in them, because I couldn’t separate myself from the reading and *I* would NEVER say that.

And then I learned. And kept learning. And after a while, I started teaching.

Even now, I’m learning. These are my Books to Read. You’ll find Madame Pamita, Terry Iacuzzo, Aidan Wachter, Eliot Adam, Beth Maiden and Aidan Wachter, again. He’s just that good, you guys.

Briana Saussy and Theresa Reed books can be found on my nightstand.

As I enter my 32nd year with tarot – my longest relationship ever – I just wanted to say thanks to all of my teachers. Especially Mrs. Luebbert and Mrs. Marsh from high school, who brought me books from their own libraries and taught me about Maya Angelou and Shakespeare.

And as a belated birthday gift to me, if you wanna and you can, you can Venmo dollars to my teacher buddy, Jen Giles. Her goal is to make sure all of her third graders can get at least one Scholastic book a month. You can send her money at @Jennifer-Giles-55 OR you can buy her class stuff at her Amazon link. I’d consider it a personal favor. 🙂

ALSO – because I adore you guys, if you go to my Teachable page, you can get 20% off of any of my classes. The coupon code is HBDCynova 


Thank you! Take good care of you, and call me if you want a reading. I’m booking up about a week out, so plan early.



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