Hey, guys,

Things are all shifty and in-between right now. My day job has gone from a furlough to a layoff, so I’m opening up readings during the day. 

The mantra that is helping me get through all of this is “It’s just for now”

I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves and of each other, and that you’re allowing yourself to rest when you need it. That unrelenting push to do something, make something, create something – it’s exhausting. Let it be silent sometimes.

I’m also on Twitter – you can find me here. This week, I compiled a Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the Major Arcana. I’ve also done Firefly and Harry Potter. What do you guys think I should do next?

This week’s Hey, Cynova question is about compensation in work. I’m hoping that we have a great rising of unions from all of this mess.

Hey Cynova,

What can I do to make my bosses realize the value in my work and raise my compensation to match? (Don’t want to leave, just want fair pay).

So, there are a few things you can do here. 

The first card shows this inner struggle that you have. You know that you’re not getting paid enough. You know that THEY know that you’re not getting paid enough.

The Five of Swords is asking you to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have. You have had opportunities to talk to your bosses about this before and didn’t take them. Ask yourself why? You have to believe that you’re worth more, too.

The last card, the King of Wands, is showing you the confidence you need to ask for it. Either wait for a review, or collect your data and, with assurance, move forward with the ask. When you collect data, be thorough. Look at what others in your field + your experience are making. Find at least ten examples and use those to lead with. 

When you do talk to your supervisor, make it a conversation instead of a conflict. Present what others who do what you do make, present what you make, and then ask. 

If they say no, you have your answer. Time to move on.

If they say yes, good. 🙂 Time to stay put and enjoy.

Take good care,



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