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Fortune Telling with Playing Cards by Jonathan Dee | Book Review

I have this vague almost-memory of my Grandma Virginia and her sister Violet reading playing cards. I was very young, but it’s stuck in my brain. They also played bridge and rummy and all of those other card games that I never got around to learning. This time, was different, though. They covered the cards up and told me to go play outside.

I assumed that the card meanings in Jonathan Dee’s (RIP) Fortune Telling with Playing Cards would line up with tarot. After all, isn’t the tarot just a regular playing card deck with 22 extra?

Apparently not. This was like learning a whole new divination tool, and it was honestly really fun. I think that the more you get to know a tool, the more familiar it becomes, and you kind of lose that delight in seeing what new cards mean. 2 of Pentacles – I got it.

This book includes meanings for all of the cards, as well as a section on card combinations. it’s really interesting, and honestly, really fun.

-Book received by Red Wheel/Weiser

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