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The Skeleton Tarot | Deck Review

First of all, I have the Skeleton Tarot because of my friend Potter, and their unyielding peer pressure. They had the nerve to say, “Do you want to see my new deck?” and “Isn’t it cute?” Clearly, i was strong armed into this purchase.

I like black and white decks, as long as they have some depth. The Animalis os Fortuna is my favorite, and the Skeleton is now my second favorite. The artist left their sketch marks (I’m not an artist) on the cards, and the black lines overlay them. It makes the simple images pop, and gives them some dimension that I just adore.
The cards are big – almost hard to handle for small hands. This is truly my only complaint. This is a sweet deck with a clear alignment with the RWS deck. I’m glad that Potter forced me to buy it. 😉
Diversity – N/A

Cardstock – good but big

Packaging – cutest silky bag with a little skull on it.

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