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K is for Kitchen Table Tarot #atozchallenge

Kitchen Table Tarot, published by Llewellyn in 2017 and written by Me, is currently in its fourth printing and is selling pretty darn well. Seen as a sassy, yet practical modern guide to tarot, this handy-dandy-purse-sized book has been touted as, “Pretty good” by its author, and “Shut up, you WROTE that?” by one of her friends.  Also, Maggie Stiefvater liked it. So. You know. That’s fucking cool as hell.

I am not good at writing about myself, but I’m pretty good at writing, i think, and my Book the First makes me proud. I’m heading to Dallas next month to do a book signing, and will be posting details soon. The best thing about writing this book is knowing that I can do it. The second best part is getting emails from people who dig it. That just makes me rise like the Sun.

Thanks to everyone who’s picked it up or gotten it from the library. I appreciate you more than you know.  

xo Lis

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