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Madam Pamita’s Magical Tarot – Book Review

 Thanks to Weiser for the great book!
Thanks to Weiser for the great book!

I have to admit, I was a little put off by the cover of this book. We readers get a lot of shit because of the whole “gypsy” fortunteller trope, and I was under the impression that Madame Pamita was a conjured name with some theater attached. I was bolstered by the fact that Rachel Pollack and Mary Greer both wrote a blurb on it, and checked it out.

I’m glad that I did. Turns out, Madame Pamita is the actual name under which the author works and practices (and plays ukulele to boot). She is the owner of a spiritualists shop in Los Angeles (so cool), and honestly, I would love to read HER story sometime.

This book is a great intro to tarot book, with a storytelling description of each card, symbolism, signifiers and affirmations for each. My favorite part were the journal questions that accompany each card. I think that this is a rich way to study the card and is often overlooked.

Another thing that will be SO valuable to new readers is the glossary in the back of the book. I think that we (long time tarot readers) take for granted that everyone knows our terminology, and it was well done to include a glossary here.

Did I like it? Yes. Should you buy it? Yes. It’s for beginners, but has bits that everyone can use.




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