You don’t have to be witchy to read tarot cards. And you don’t have to read tarot cards just because you’re witchy. The two things often crisscross, but I know readers who are Muslim, Christian and Jewish. I know witches who think that tarot cards are creepy. 

I think it’s important to let young readers know (YOUTHS!) that you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Last year, nearly every new agey post was pastel colored with crystals. Like 10 years ago, everything was maroon with dark eyeliner. Next year, who knows. Tarot is probably due for an emo stage again. 

The point is that trends in tarot will change (and so will you) and it’s ok if you pick them up and put them back down again. It’s ok if you integrate your cards into your religion – and it’s absolutely ok if you don’t. Your relationship with tarot is your own and you alone can define it.

xo Lis

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