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Z is for Zero #atozchallenge

 Fly, fumble or fall  -at least you're moving.
Fly, fumble or fall  -at least you’re moving.

The Fool, number Zero in the tarot, is my favorite card, and the Shadowscapes deck is one of my all time favorite decks. I have this print next to my bathroom mirror and I see it every morning. It reminds me to move forward even when I’m afraid. That the only thing holding me back, really, is me.

From Kitchen Table Tarot (by me!):

“Historically, the Fool is the only person the king will listen to. The jester is a beloved character. Notice I didn’t call him a clown. That’s important because clowns have nothing of substance to say, and they’re creepy and vapid to boot (in this author’s opinion). The Fool, on the other hand, has no agenda, no hidden plans or shenanigans up his sleeve. He is guileless. He is honest. He is genuinely happy. Even his dog is happy. He’s the one who told the emperor that he was naked. He is going to move forward, to say what’s on his mind. He’s going to be honest and forthright regardless of the circumstance. In every deck, the Fool is in a precarious position. Think of all of the idioms we have for taking chances: going out on a limb, break a leg, going for broke. These all sound really painful, but what they’re about is deciding that being still is not for you. When you see this in a reading, you’ll know it’s time to jump.”


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