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S is for Shuffling #atozchallenge

 Chunk is my spirit guide today.
Chunk is my spirit guide today.

When I do a reading for clients, I ask them to shuffle until they feel finished. This lasts anywhere for a few seconds to 10 full minutes. The client meditated over the cards for a long, long, time and used her pendulum to choose which stack to read from. It was…thorough.  Other folks just rest their hands on the decks and tell me to go.

Anyway, the reason I ask my clients to shuffle the cards is because it’s rhythmic and relaxing. A lot of folks are nervous before readings so it gives them something to do. After the first spread, I shuffle the cards myself. They usually play with the rocks that I bring (also for calming) while I finish the reading. 

S is also for sick, which I am. B is for Bronchitis. S is for Short post today. 

xo Lis

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