A to Z Blogger Challenge

X is for QuiXotic #atozchallenge

It is ok to pull a card for your day and count on the good things to come.

It is ok to read your horoscope and let it lift or prepare you for the month.

It is ok to put crystals down in ways that make you feel happy.

It is ok to believe in magic.

It is ok to decide that things will or will not work for you.

it is ok to use your intent to launch your life into another direction.

It is ok to assign personalities to your tarot decks.

And it’s ok to not do any of this. Or to do some of it.

As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, including yourself.

And it’s absolutely ok to be an optimist. To believe in yourself. To look for sunshine.

It’s ok to be silly when things are dark outside.

One could almost say it’s necessary. 

xo Lis

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