A few years ago, I went to Theresa Reed’s Soulful Proprietor retreat. It was an amazing weekend, and I learned so much. One of the things that stuck in my head was when Theresa said, “There is room for all of us.”

I’ve only been a member of the online tarot community for three years, and have just started a small tarot group in St. Louis for about a year. What I’ve learned is that, like every other group of people, most are fantastic and some are complete asshats.

Most of the people that I’ve met are supportive, welcoming and willing to share their insights and experience. Most of them are happy to refer you to other readers, give credit when sharing other’s work, and are happy to help new readers when they can. I and some others interview and link to other tarot readers on our own websites. We forward links, retweet, repost and reblog our friend’s work and share their information as much as we can.

As Theresa says, there is room for all of us. My readings aren’t like yours, or Theresa‘s, or Ellen’s or Potter‘s. We all have something to bring to the table. As I said, most of the professional tarot readers I know are fantastic. The ones that aren’t are few and far between. Trust – there is no grapevine faster than a psychic grapevine.

I’d like to thank my tarot crew – both digital and St. Louis folks – for making my job so fantastic. We have a job that can make you lonely, and let’s face it -it’s weird. I can email you at midnight and ask what that symbol on the face of the Empress in the Shadowscapes deck is. I can freak out with you when I see the faces on the shoulders of the Chariot. I can call you hours before an event and get a spotter when the weather tries to kill me. I can ask about client issues and how to make my business work and what was that Rachel Pollack book that said that thing about the Hierophant?  Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Thank you for making my weird, lonely (amazing, i love it) job even better. I love your collective faces.

xo Lis


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