This is for Ellie. xo
This is for Ellie. xo

My amazing friend, Byrne, sent me a note on Facebook this week after reading my book. (Did you guys know I wrote a book? I did. You can find it here. And here. And here.)

She said that she read that book and I aligned the Swords with Air and the Wands with Fire and SHE thought that Swords went with Fire and Wands went with Air and what the hell?

My answer is – you do you. Seriously. If that’s how tarot cards make sense to you – do that thing. I think that the 9 of Pentacles is smug. Yeah, I said it! Smug! Most people see her as satisfied and earning a break. I think she’s a jerk. It’s honestly ok to disagree with me. I’m fine. 

I have made up spreads on the spot, and they work because I believe in them. I’ve decided I can use my Heart of Stars tarot without the Devil card, because Carrie Fisher signed it and I can’t use it anymore, but I love the deck. So I decided I could use it anyway. And you know what? It works.

So relax, please. Realize that you’re the engine behind the cards. They’re just pretty pieces of paper without you. Remember who is in charge of the reading, take a deep breath, and do your thing.

xo Lis

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