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The more you do tarot readings, the more you realize that there isn’t just one question and one answer in a reading. 

Example – A woman calls and says that she ran into her ex and wants to know if there is potential there.

Is the answer Yes or No?

I don’t think so. After 30 (holy shit) years of reading cards, I’ve found that tarot doesn’t always like black and white. If you want metered, logical answers, you should pick up Ryan Edwards’ Maybe Lenormand. 

Let’s look at the parts of this reading that we’d address in the reading.

1. This is an ex, and exes are generally exes for a reading. I pulled the Seven of Swords, which tells me he isn’t being straight with her. 

2. She is lonely. The Two of Swords inverted says that she’s lonely and bored, so would be more susceptible to charm vs. substance. 

3. He doesn’t excite her. Knight of Pentacles and Four of Cups.  Meh. They COULD date and it COULD work out, but why? So she won’t be bored?

4. The last thing to consider is how to respond. If someone is asking about their heart, I think you’d have to be a real asshole to say, “NOPE! Sorry!” and let it go there. People don’t generally reach out to us for quick and dirty answers. They want a connection and rightly expect that from us.

So, look at every aspect of the question beyond yes or no, so you can be a better reader and make sure there is compassion in your readings. 



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