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 Oh, hey there. I wrote a book. 
Oh, hey there. I wrote a book. 

I wrote this book! It’s a bit surreal, actually, but it’s out! I’ve gotten a lot of questions since it was published, so I thought I’d answer them for you. 

1. What inspired the book?

My friend, Suzanne, wanted me to teach her the cards. She lives in Canada, though, so it was tricky. I started a blog so I could teach her, and it got a following of sorts. Then, I turned it into a business, and then I turned my blog into a book. So it’s all Suzanne’s fault, really.

2. Who is this book for?

I wrote it initially for beginning tarot students, but have since found that readers of all experience levels dig it. I’ve been told that it’s got some interesting perspectives on the cards that helps everyone. So that’s cool. 

3. What is the publishing process like?

I was really lucky in that I only sent the manuscript to three folks. The first, a local publisher, ignored my email for seven months. A literary agent was very complimentary about my writing, but told me I wasn’t famous enough to represent. Which was odd. The third, Llewellyn Publishing, turned me down at first. They gave me a few things that I could change to make it better, though, which was amazing. I fixed the things as soon as I could and then it was accepted for publication! That was so cool. I cried like crazy when I found out. There were a few months where nothing happened, and then the editing process began. I made some suggestions for the cover, and they came up with a great one. I got to know my editor SO well because it’s a LONG process. It was honestly my least favorite part because I got sick to death of reading my own stuff. My editor, Lauryn, was AMAZING though, and made the process almost fun. (almost) After the bajillionth round of editing, the graphics were added and approved and then I was finished! 

4. What are you doing next?

I’m writing my second book, Elements, which is about a holistic approach to tarot readings that includes five specific readings for your home, mind, body, heart and soul. 

I’m also working on a tarot deck with the wonderful Cate Anevski! Tentatively titled The Tarot of the Forest Floor, it includes badass pictures like this.

 Four of Cups (sketch) from the Tarot of the Forest Floor - by Cate Anevski
Four of Cups (sketch) from the Tarot of the Forest Floor – by Cate Anevski

5. Where can we find it?

Locally, you can find it at Pathways, and I’ll be doing a reading and signing there on June 10th! You can find it at Left Bank Books, as well! And thanks LBB for hosting my book release party!

Online you can get it from Llewellyn, Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble and Half Price Books. I’ll also be doing book signings in Chicago at the American Library Association conference, and in Dallas at Barnes and Noble. Dates and times TBA.

Thanks to all of my friends and family for your support and love!  This has been the most fun.

xo! Lis

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