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Q is for Queens. #atozchallenge

The Queens are the moms of the tarot. Here is a handy dandy guide to figuring them out. 

The Heart – Queen of Cups

  • Surrounded by water, but only a toe touches it. She controls her contact with emotion.
  • She has a lid on her chalice – again showing control.
  • She embodies empathy.

The Mind – Queen of Swords

  • The Hillary Clinton card. She’s a complete badass. 
  • The difficult part of this is that while being a badass, she has to ignore her feelings.
  • She cuts to the chase.

The Action – Queen of Wands

  • Queen of Action
  • She has one foot forward and she has her wand ahead of her. She’s a queen of potential action.
  • She has little patience and gets to the point quickly. Can be impatient.

The Earth Mama – Queen of Pentacles

  • Totally grounded
  • About to slide off of that throne onto the grass to chill.
  • Always good for a hug and a place to rest your head.

Rider Waite Smith by US Games

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