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D is for Dollar Bills, Y’all #atozchallenge

I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating. Spiritual workers deserve to be paid for their time and energy. One of my friends said that in the old days, readers would be the wise women in the village and people would build them a house at the edge of the village and bring them wood and vegetables. No one’s going to be building me a house. And Verizon doesn’t take kitten whispers and good intentions for payment.

One of the difficult parts of getting into this business is walking away from the perception of a tarot reader as either a priest or a criminal. Megan Potter gave a great presentation at NWTS and teaches a class on the same subject. 

If you get your hair done – you pay the stylist. If you see a therapist – you pay the therapist. If you see a reiki practitioner, psychic, tarot reader, astrologist, or any other kind of “soulful proprietor” as Theresa Reed puts it – you pay them. 

If you are a practitioner and you’re not sure how much to charge – look around to the industry standards for your peer groups. For the first 15 years or so I was reading, it was a casual thing, and I charged beer money or for something off of my Amazon wish list. Do readings for other professionals and ask for their honest opinions about your fee. What would they pay for a reading from you? 

Don’t sell yourself – or your services – short.

xo – LFT


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