I had a client ask me once – almost two years ago now, “Can I have a do-over button? Just – in every part of my life, can I please just start over?”  And I thought about it – yeah, actually, we can do that. I broke life down into five parts to simplify and came up with a reading for each. The readings were based on the alchemical symbols for each element, and I put together a kit for each.

1. Earth -Home – This reading addresses how the energy is flowing in your home, and which parts could use de-cluttering, new color and new energy.
2. Air – Mind – This one talks about boredom, work and challenging yourself intellectually.  Are you being challenged at work and is it a good environment for you?
3. Fire – Body – How do you see yourself? How do you treat your body? Are you moving enough? Are you eating the right things? How is your self-love? Does it match the love you give everyone else?
4. Water – Heart – Are you dragging around other people’s emotional drama? Are you feeling yourself lately? If you have problems, are you addressing them, or burying your head in the sand?
5. Spirit – Divine self – This one was tricky – as all of us have a different relationship with god or gods or the Universe or Spirit or our community. So how can I have a program for everyone that speaks to Spirit? What we do is find out how your connections are. Anything that connects you to something outside of yourself – that’s Spirit. Anything that allows you to help other people or to find a quiet space inside – that’s Spirit, too.
Each of these readings comes with an exercise, a meditation, and a kit that will help bring the reading on home. I’m pretty proud of my little Elements, and they’re almost sold out
One of the things that I get to tell people in readings is this – It can get better. You can make your life the way you’d like it to be. You can be happy – every day. You can be happy. These readings can help you isolate problem areas, see what you can hold onto and what’s out there for you to reach for. 

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