A to Z Blogger Challenge

S is for Schmooze #atozchallenge


I greatly admire your website LITTLE FRX TRROT and go to it often. You have a good site. 

LISTEN I have a new deck/book/website coming out soon and I would love for you to promote it on your blog. I KNOW – you have no idea who I am, and when you check with your tarot buddies, you’ll find that I’ve sent this same email to twenty of them with the name changed. that’s how disingenuous I am. I do realize that if I took the time to build honest relationships in this business, I’d get further in life, but I’m lazy and honestly I’m just hoping that one of you guys bites.

Thanks so much for agreeing to let me exploit our non existent relationship! I promise, you’ll never hear from me again.

Unless I want something else.


Total Fucking Stranger

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