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R is for Reversals #atozchallenge

Reading tarot reversals isn’t really as difficult as it seems. It does not mean the opposite of the upright meaning, so quit doing that.

All you have to do, really, is imagine the card upside down.

Ace of cups – all of that water/emotion sloshing all over the place. Drama and sadness.

Devil – the chains of addiction are hanging loose and changing shape. There is a chance for change

Knight of Wands – Upright, this guy gets things done. Reversed? He drops his stick. Horse lands on him. He is stuck.

It’s basically the confused, lessened, increased, weird version of the upright card.

OR you can do what my favorite girl, Beth Maiden does – she doesn’t read reversals at all.

Love love love, 


Rider Waite Smith, US Games



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