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B is for Breathe #atozchallenge

When you get a tarot reading, it can be kind of intimidating. Personally, I can’t read cards for myself, because I am an EXCELLENT bullshit artist and will convince myself that the 10 of Swords means everything is fine, just fine. I also have some of the Shinin’, so I get feelings and have dreams. I also have dreams that are NOT prophetic, and get feelings because I’M EMOTIONAL, so sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

So I call one of my friends and I always have to remind myself to breathe. I have to remind myself that regardless of the outcome of the reading, I am ultimately in control of my life, and I won’t turn into dust if I have to adjust my plans. It’s hard to release control, and it’s even harder to hear that you might be wrong. 

Before you get a reading, breathe. You’re in charge, not the cards or your reader. You are. The cards are just showing you what might cross your path. You can choose to hop over to a new path any time you want.


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