You must imagine your life. And then it happens. – John Irving

I started writing a tarot book about three years ago.  It was kind of half-assed, if I’m honest.  I turned it into a manual, ignored it for a while, sent part of it to a publisher (which they properly declined) and then ignored it again.  But it kept bothering me.  I had this half written…thing…sitting there, asking me to finish it.

 This is my future, guys. 
This is my future, guys. 

Well, I just finished it.  I think it’s because of three things.  I went to Theresa Reed’s Soulful Proprietor workshop last year, and decided that I wanted to be a full-time tarot reader and writer.  Theresa told me to go kick some ass.  The rest of the ladies I met that weekend have been a fantastic peer group.  

The second thing was support of my friends.  My friend, Sara, is an honest to god author, and she has been amazingly supportive of me and my efforts.  My friend, Mark, introduced me to an honest to god publisher who liked my idea.  The amount of confidence that I’ve acquired in the last two years has been fantastic. Most of that confidence has been built up because of my amazing Tribe who wouldn’t stop encouraging me.  There are literally too many people to thank, so friends, I encourage you to substitute your name for Sara’s or Mark’s and then substitute your contribution to my authorly goals and ideals.

The final thing was my Person, Joe.  He gave me space to write. He encouraged me to talk to a counselor about my writer’s block.  He tolerated my complete and utter rudeness while I was writing and glared at him everytime he spoke to me. He believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, and he told me when he thought I was being a brat.  Very useful guy to have around.  I fucking love that guy.

 I CAN do the thing!
I CAN do the thing!

If The Book gets published on a big scale, awesome.  If it gets published locally?  Super.  If I publish it my damn self?  Fantastic.  The most important thing to me is that I’m doing what I was afraid to do.  I’m going to be an author.  I’m going to work on another book after this one is birthed.  I have a Plan.  I have a timeline.  I have a crew and I have support.  I am Wonder Woman and I can do hard things.

xoxo LFT

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